Instrument access regulations

1. In case, the user will show up for using the equipment later than appointment time, the site administrator must be noticed by at least 30 minutes before starting time.
2. In case, the user will not show up for using the equipment within 30 minutes of their reserved time without any notice to the site administrator, the reserved time for that equipment will be canceled.

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Service hours for equipment usage and reservation :

  » Open to regular users in Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital
  » Siriraj Core Research Facility (SiCRF)

Service hours (Office work)

SiCRF Staff work 08.30-16.30
(SiCRF-1) SiMR, 5th Floor 24 hours
(SiCRF-2) Srisavarindira Building, 10th Floor 08.30-20.00
(SiCRF-3) SiMR, 6th Floor and Microbiology , 5-6th Floor 08.30-16.30

After service hours

After-hours and weekend access is contingent upon the userís experience and training, please contact SiCRF staff.