Siriraj Medical Research Network (SiMRN)

    Area of Research excellence, Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital

                 New Biomedical Knowledge
    Area 1 Translational Medicine: Development of new and improved therapies
                   (basic science to clinical trial)
    Area 2 Medical Genomics & Proteomics: Personalized Medicine;
                  Pathogenesis; Biomarkers; Therapy.
    Area 3 Infectious Diseases: Emerging Infection; Melioidosis; Mycobacteria;
                   HIV/AIDS; Respiratory viruses; Viral hepatitis; Dengue Infection;
                   Fungal Infection; Parasitic Infection; Antibiotic Resistance;
                   Sepsis ; Pythiosis.
    Area 4 Regenerative Medicine: Stem Cell; Tissue Engineering; Gene Therapy;
                   Anti-Aging; Autogenic Fetal Therapy.

                 Clinical Research Application
    Area 5 Cancer: Biomarkers; Pathogenesis; Diagnosis & Monitoring;
    Area 6 Hematology: Thalassemia; Lymphoma; Biomarkers; Therapy;
                   Pathogenesis; Diagnosis & Monitoring; Management.
    Area 7 Allergy and Immunology: Allergen Vaccine; Systemic Lupus
                   Erythematosus (SLE); Pathogenesis; Diagnosis & Monitoring;
                   Management; Therapy.
    Area 8 Metabolic and Endocrine Diseases: Diabetes Mellitus;
                   Metabolic Syndrome;Renal Calculi.
    Area 9 Neuro-Cardiovascular Diseases: Cerebrovascular Diseases;
                   Peripheral Vascular Diseases; Ischemic Heart Diseases.
    Area 10 Health Promotion: Geriatics& Community Health,
                   Healthcare Personnel & Clients.
    Area 11 Thai Traditional Medicine: CPG, Basic & Clinical trial for Thai Herbal

                Academic Excellence
    Area 12 Health Services Research: Blood Transfusion Medicine;
                  Health Science and Technology; Routine to Research (R2R);
                  Laser Treatment;Sleep Disorders;Bone & Joint & Nerve
                  Surgery; Fetal Therapy; Gastrointestinal Motility.
    Area 13 Mental Health and Disorders
    Area 14 Medical Education
    Area 15 Health System : Transitional Medicine.
    Area 16 Community Health & Social medicine :
                  Teen-age pregnancy
    Area 17 Innovation research




Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University
His Majesty the King’s 80th Birthday Anniversary 5th December 2007 Building.
2 Wanglang Road Bangkoknoi, Bangkok 10700, Thailand