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Viral and host factors for HIV curd

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Investigator / Research network team

- Assoc. Prof. WinaiRatanasuwan

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No. Name Department CV
1 Assoc. Prof. Winai Ratanasuwan Preventive and Social Medicine  
2 Dr. Boonrat Tassaneetrithep Preventive and Social Medicine  
3 Dr. Bhoom Suktitipat Biochemistry  
4 Dr. Navin Horthongkham Microbiology  
5 Dr. Adhiratha Boonyasiri Research and Development  
6 Assoc. Prof. Wannee Kantakamalakul Microbiology  
7 Asst. Prof. Somruedee Chatsiricharoenkul Pharmacology  
8 Dr. Phornnop Naiyanetr Immunology  
9 Dr. Pornpoj Pramyothin Medicine  
10 Dr. Rujipas Sirijatuphat Medicine  
11 Dr. Nuttasith Larpparisuth Medicine  

Research projects

No. Project Sponsor Funding status
1 Mitochondrial DNA analysis of the Myanmar immigrants entering Thailand through the Thai Immigration Office at Kanchanaburi province: towards the establishment of the genetic diversity database of the Asean Economic Community Population migrating to Thailand. The Thailand Research Fund-Mahidol University Grant application approved for funding from 2014 to 2016

Publications Output (Vancouver style)

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