Siriraj Medical Research Network (SiMRN)

DM : tertiary care

Research mission /Objective

- To discover, inform, and implement new knowledge in diabetes for clinical practice/service improving.
- To Improve understanding of diabetes in patients, cares, and practitioners.
- To support and collaborate diabetes service at all levels of disease care, treatment and prevention.

Investigator / Research network team

Assoc. Prof. Supawadee Likitmaskul, M.D

The scope of the research/expertise

- Diabetes prevention
- Diabetes service improvement
- Diabetes foot care
- Diabetes complication
- Pediatric and adolescent diabetes
- Diabetes education
- Diabetes technology
- Diabetes registry

International Research Collaboration

          Siriraj Foot Care Team are certificated from International Diabetes Federation-Western Pacific Region to recognized as the Diabetic Foot Center (IDF-WPR DFC) at the date of validation on 24 November 2012 during the valid period of Certification since 2012 to 2015.


No. Name Department CV
1 Prof. Supawadee Likitmaskul, M.D Pediatrics  
2 prof. Apiradee sriwijitkamol, M.D Medicine  
3 Prof. Gulapar Srisawasdi, M.D Rehabilitation Medicine  
4 Prof. Jeerunda Santiprabhob, M.D Pediatrics  
5 Assoc. Prof. Pornsri sriussadaporn Siriraj Diabetes Center  
6 Supitcha Patjamontri, M.D Pediatrics  
7 Weerachai srivanichakorn, M.D Medicine  
8 Dr.Raweewan lertwattanaruk, M.D Medicine  
9 Assoc. Prof.Pornpan Koomanachai, M.D Medicine  
10 Assoc. Prof.Vip Viprakasit, M.D Pediatrics  
11 Asst. Prof.Navaporn Chadchavalpanichaya, M.D Rehabilitation Medicine  
12 Assoc. Prof.Nuttawut Rodanant, M.D Ophthalmology  
13 Asst. Prof.Supaporn Opasanon, M.D Surgery  
14 Clin. Prof. Apirag Chuangsuwanich, M.D Surgery  
15 Prof.Pramook Mutirangura, M.D Surgery  
16 Asst. Prof.Chumpol Wongwanit, M.D Surgery  
17 Prof.Pornprom Muangman, M.D Surgery  
18 Assoc. Prof.Bavornrit Chuckpaiwong, MD Orthopedic Surgery  
19 Dr.Theerawoot Tharmviboonsri, MD Orthopedic Surgery  
20 Asst. Prof.Nilrat Wannasilp, MD Clinical Pathology  
21 Dr.Sansanee Ruengson, MD Pediatrics  

Research projects

No. Project Sponsor Funding status
1 Siriraj Collaborative Framework for Diabetes Care (SiCFD) Siriraj Research and Development Fund Type 6 Approval

Publications Output (Vancouver style)

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  1. Siriraj Diabetes education tool for Children adolescent with diabetes “DM Wonder Trip”

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