Siriraj Medical Research Network (SiMRN)

Cancer Nanomedicine

(NANOTEC-Mahidol University Center of Excellence in Nanotechnology for Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment)

“A New Hope to Transform Cancer Care”

Research mission /Objective

  1. To collaborate with National Nanotechnology Center of Thailand (NANOTEC) to develop new nanoparticles with diagnostic and therapeutic “theranostic” capability for various cancers
  2. To evaluate novel nanoparticles in preclinical cancer models and translate into first-in-man clinical trials through a multidisciplinary research platform
  3. To establish “Molecular Imaging Center” for exploiting nanoparticles in cancer clinical imaging with MRI, CT and PET scans

Investigator / Research network team

  1. Ruengpung Sutthent, MD, PhD, Director
  2. Tararaj Dharakul, MD, PhD, Advisory Board Member and NANOTEC Executive and Scientific Liaison
  3. Sith Sathornsumetee, MD, Deputy Director and Principal Investigator, Theranostic Nanoparticles for Brain Cancers
  4. Chatchawan Srisawat, MD, PhD, Upstream Chief, Preclinical Development of Nanoparticles and Principal Investigator, Nanoparticles for Liver cancer
  5. Rujaporn Chanachai, PhD, Midstream Chief, Nanoparticle Imaging
  6. Yongyut Sirivatanauksorn, MD, PhD, Downstream Chief, Translation of Nanotechnology for Cancer
  7. Peti Thuwajit, MD, PhD, Principal Investigator, Nanoparticles for trophoblastic disease, cervical, breast and bile duct cancers
  8. Attaporn Trakarnsanga, MD, Principal Investigator, Nanoparticles for colorectal cancer

The scope of the research/expertise

  1. Design and Fabrication of new nanoparticles for diagnosis, treatment and monitoring for cancers.
  2. Preclinical evaluation of novel nanoparticles in cancer cells and mouse models of human cancer xenografts.
  3. Early-phase clinical trial evaluation of theranostic nanoparticles for cancers.

International Research Collaboration

- Professor Juri Geloveni, MD, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, USA


No. Name Department CV
1. Sith Sathornsumetee, MD Medicine (Neurology)  
2. Adisak Wongkajornsilp, MD, PhD Pharmacology  
3. Chatchawan Srisawat, MD, PhD Biochemistry  
4. Dr. Navin Horthongkham Biochemistry  
5. Peti Thuwajit, MD, PhD Immunology  
6. Vorapan Sirivatanauksorn, MD, PhD Biochemistry  
7. Naravat Poungvarin, MD, PhD Clinical Pathology  
8. Siwanon Jirawatnotai, PhD Pharmacology  
9. Pinpat Tripatara, MD, PhD Pharmacology  
10. Pipat Chiewvit, MD Radiology  
11. Orasa  Chawalparit, MD Radiology  
12. Trongtum Tongdee, MD Radiology  
13. Pairash Saiviroonporn, PhD Radiology  
14. Rujaporn  Chanachai, PhD Radiology  
15. Pawana Pusuwan, MD Radiology  
16. Tanyaluck  Thientunyakit, MD Radiology  
17. Surasawadee  Asawarat, PhD Radiology  
18. Chakmeedej Setanan, MD Radiology  
19. Ponchai O-Chareonrat, MD, PhD Surgery  
20. Yongyut Sirivatanauksorn, MD, PhD Surgery  
21. Suwanit Therasakvichya, MD Obstetrics and Gynaecology  
22. Suebwong Chuthatisith, MD Pathology  
23. Vitoon Chinswangwatanakul, MD, PhD Pathology  
24. Woramin Riensuwarn, MD Pathology  
25. Varut Lohsiriwat, MD, PhD Pathology  
26. Auttaporn Trakarnsanga, MD Pathology  
27. Pornsuk Cheunsuchol, MD Pathology  

Research projects

No. Project Sponsor Funding status
1 Development of Theranostic Nanoparticles for Brain Cancers NANOTEC and Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University Active;
2 Novel Imaging Contrast Nanoparticles for MRI for Colorectal Cancer
3 Development of specific Aptamers for Hepatocellular Carcinoma
4 ScFv targeting trophoblastic disease, cervical and breast cancers

Publications Output (Vancouver style)




Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University
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