Siriraj Medical Research Network (SiMRN)

Allergen vaccines

Research mission /Objective

             To create a future standard of care with innovations based on micro-device technologies

Investigator / Research network team

Head of Research Network

             Prof.Chaweewan Bunnag
             Prof.Nualanong Visitsunthorn

The scope of the research/expertise

  1. Aeroallergen survey to obtain an up-to-date data of common allergens in each locality.
  2. Investigations to find out which allergens are the cause of allergic diseases in both adult and children.
  3. Development of the optimal process to wake allergen extracts/vaccines staring from source material collection, most effective extraction process to the finished products complying with the international standard and FDA regulation.
  4. Allergens studies are both indoor and outdoor aeroallergen including food allergens and stinging insect venoms.
  5. Study of the major allergens and their cross allergenicity between common allergens in order to select appropriate number of allergens for testing and treating Thai allergic patients and transfer the technology to produce the extracts vaccines from these allergens  to industry.
  6. Other forms of allergen vaccines for sublingual and/or nasal immunotherapy will also be developed.
  7. Potency and clinical efficacy of our developed allergen extracts/ vaccines will be studies both in vitro and in vivo methods.
  8. Training of the young staffs, technicians and students (Master degree and Ph.D.) by including them in our research team.
  9. Expertise required and developed are in Clinical Allergy, Immunology, Parasitology, Pharmacology, Botany and also Nano technology.


No. Name Department CV
1. Prof.chaweewan Bunnag Otorhinolaryngology  
2. Prof.Nualanong visitsunthorn Pediatrics  
3. Asst.Prof.Punchama Pacharn Pediatrics  
4. Assoc.Prof.Vanna Mahakittikun Parasitology  
5. Assoc.Prof.Anchalee Tungtrongchitr Parasitology  
6. Asst.Nat Matlainual Parasitology  
7. Lect.Kitipong Soontrapa Pharmacology  
8. Assoc.Pongsakorn Tantilipikorn Otorhinolaryngology  
9. Asst.Nitat Sookrung Office for Research and Development  

Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University
His Majesty the King’s 80th Birthday Anniversary 5th December 2007 Building.
2 Wanglang Road Bangkoknoi, Bangkok 10700, Thailand