Giving one a new life

Giving one a new life


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Supakorn Rojananin, M.D.

Chairman, Department of Surgery

Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University


On January1, 2007, Siriraj had just performed 2 cases of kidney transplantation for patients who are suffering from chronic renal failure. This project is launched for the patients who are unable to pay for the expense with a free of charge on surgery.


Each year, there are more than 1,500 patients waiting for kidney transplantation and the numbers are increasing. However, only 24 centers in the country are capable for performing and only about 200 kidney transplantations were done each year.


The reason why the operations are far less than it should be is the shortage of donated kidneys.


Kidney donation normally comes from two sources; the deceased donors or the one who have died, and living donors from your own living family members or beloved friends.


Asking for kidney donation from deceased people is not so popular recently after the notorious story of the kidney purchase accusation some years ago. While the number of patients waiting for the new kidney is increasing, this longer waiting time causes lots of the chronic renal failure patients died of their own disease long before having the new ones.


Recently, all donated kidneys are regulated by Thai Red Cross to ensure that every person waiting for an organ has a fair chance. Every person waiting for a deceased donor kidney has to register with your own hospital and pre-transplantation blood type and other matching factors needed to be well prepared and tested to determine whether your body will accept the available kidney or not. How long you'll have to wait depends on many things but is primarily determined by the degree of matching between you and the donor. Some people wait several years for a good match, while others get matched within a few months.


A kidney from a living donor often has advantages over a deceased donor kidney. People who receive a kidney from a family member or friend don't have to wait until a kidney becomes available. Living donation allows for greater preparation and for the operation to be scheduled at a convenient time. Kidneys from family members are more likely to be good matches, although there's no guarantee. Most people, however, can donate a kidney with little risk. Laparoscopic kidney removal from living donors is available and routinely performed at Siriraj. In this minimally invasive approach, four or more small incisions are made in the abdominal wall. Video equipment and instruments are inserted through these punctures to visualize and operate. Once the kidney is freed from its attachments, it is extracted from the abdomen through a small incision, and cooled. It is then prepared for immediate implantation into the recipient, following the donor surgery.


Clinical Professor, Dr. Piyasakol Sakolsatayadorn, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital discloses that, on the occasion to mark the 80th Anniversary of His Majesty The King’s Birthday and 84th Anniversary of HRH Princess Galyani Vadhana’s Birthday who also is the President of The Kidney Disease Foundation of Thailand and to alleviate the burden of the poor patients who need of kidney transplantation as well as to promote the kidney donation among public , The Kidney Disease Foundation of Thailand and Siriraj in collaboration with 22 other hospitals in the Kingdom are jointly organizing a free kidney transplantation project throughout the year 2007. Siriraj also grants a 10 million baht to the Foundation for funding the project.


Those other collaborate hospitals include, Ramathibodi, King Chulalongkorn Memorial, Rajvithi, Vajira, Pramongkutklao, Bhumipol-adulyadej, Police Hospital, Thammasart chalermprakiat, Bangkok General Hospital, Smithivej, Phyathai1, Phyathai 2, Praramkao, Bumrungraj Internaional, Maharaj Nakhon Chiang Mai, Buddhachinnaraj (Pitsanulok), Srinakarin {Khonkaen}, Khonkaen Hospital, Sabbasitthiprasong (Ubonrajathani), Chonburi, Songklanakharin, and Surajthani Hospitals.


This funding will financially support all individual who are eligible and fulfill with the conditions required by the foundation for kidney transplantation operation. This will also cover postoperative immunosuppressant medicines to keep one from kidney rejection in the first year with a total sum of around 350,000 baht per person.


Application can be made at the 23 hospitals as mentioned above or at the office of the Kidney Disease Foundation of Thailand, 1st floor Siam Commercial Bank Building, Siriraj Hospital, tel. 02-412-4090, 02-419-7187 and Division of Siriraj Organ Transplantation, tel. 02-419-8079, 02-411-3776. More information can be obtained at the same address.


For those kind contributors who would like to share the support for this project, your donation is also welcome at Siriraj Foundation, tel. 02 419 7658-60.

May we join hands together for giving one a new life!