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Topics  :  Foreigner care Date/Time of Answer
24/5/2019 13:8:1
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Question :
     I noticed that your hospital has an increase in prices of 25% for foreign patients only. The Siriraj hospital is a state hospital and those regulations differentiate fro those provided by the ministry of public healtn. Can you please provide the official information that the Siriraj hospital is entiteld to charge foreign patients 25% above the actual cost. Thank you

Topic Number  128652 Name anonymous
Topics  :  Umbilical Hernia repair, Gastric sleeve Date/Time of Answer
2/4/2019 14:18:36
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Question :
     I need to do umbilical hernia repair and because I have an bmi higher than 40 and 164 kg weight, high blood pressure and diabetes ... People recomend Gastric sleeve surgery. Pls tell me the cost for these two surgery and csn they be done in one day? Regards M.f.studer

Topic Number  128809 Name anonymous
Topics  :  Cardiac Angioplasty Date/Time of Answer
2/4/2019 14:16:55
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Question :
     Sir/Madam, I am Muaviyath Abdul Latheef, from Republic of Maldives. Suffering form some cardiac problems and need medical/surgical advice of the specialist doctors at your hospital. I would like to email, medical records to you for a better advice. Kindly let me know how to attache medical records. Looking forward to hearing from you and I remain. Best Regards Muaviyath Abdul Latheef

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