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Question :  I have been suffering from ADHD while studying as a child. I didn't start university before last year (now I'm 33), While I can keep myself calmer and sit still etc. I do have the same problems with focusing on the lecture. What are the medical alternatives here in Thailand and where should I go to get them? In Sweden I used to get concerta and then Ritalin. Is there anything similar here prescribed for grown ups with ADHD?
Answer :  The first line drug for ADHD in Thailand is still similar to FDA and European guideline which is methylphendate (Concerta or Ritalin). The first question for you is your response for methylphenidate. If you have mild or moderate response form this drug, you should continue taking the medication or increasing the dosage along with monitoring by your doctor. There are several second line drugs in Thailand for patients who do not response for methyphenidate (failure to treat with first line drug). I suggest you to visit psychiatrist in general hospital (can be private or public hospital) for commitment new treatment plan for you.
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