A current outbreak of Avian influenza viral infection in Asian countries including Thailand has resulted in a vast number of infected poultry. Up to January 23,2004, there are 2 reported infected cases of Avian influenza. Avian flu id caused by influenza virus which normally infect poultry and birds. This influenza virus is found in their meat and waste products. Transmission to human in secondary to contact to poultry.

     How to prevent Avian infection

   1. Eat only well-cooked chickens and birds. For eggs, both white and egg yolk should be well-cooked.
   2. For chicken and poultry slaughter slaughter, apron should be worn. After work, hands should be washed with soap and water.
   3. Avoid exposure or close contact to sick birds, including chicken, duct etc.
   4. Individuals who works as slaughter must

Cover their noses and mouths with masks.
Wear gowns
Wear hand gloves.

In order to slaughter poultry, one must put poultry in plastic bags tie the bags tightly then bury them 1 2 meter dept under ground. Cover the burial with calcium carbonate. When finish one must take off the glove, wash hands with soap and water, remove mask that cover noses and mouth, remove gowns, and finally wash hands with soap and water again.

Faculty of Medicine
Siriraj Hospital January 26, 2004