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History and Overview

The Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, as the first medical school in Thailand, realized the significance of using media in medical education, conferencing, and research publication for over 40 years. Therefore, the development on the media for medical education began by sending our two medical faculties to study in the fields of Medical Illustration and Medical Photography in the United States. After they graduated, they applied the knowledge from these two fields in our faculty. They founded the School of Medical Photography in 1966, which was the first and the only one institute that taught about media for medicine purposes in Asia. The foundation of this school gave the birth to a curriculum that combined both Arts and Science together. This integration of knowledge and multimedia technology could be used in enhancing medical education, applying in many campaigns for good health promoting, and also providing media for medical service purposes.

Students who graduated from the school would receive the Diploma in Medical Photography. Later, the title of the diploma was changed to be the Diploma in Medical Illustration and Audiovisual Technology, and changed again to be Bachelor of Science in Medical Illustration and Audiovisual Technology (2 years curriculum). Eventually, the title was changed to be Bachelor of Technology Program in Medical Education Technology (4 years curriculum) in 2007. Moreover, the curriculum had been adapted and developed continuously to meet demands of stakeholders. The program aimed for providing learning and practicing on media production for medical and health science purposes. The objective of the program was to produce qualified professional graduates who could produce various types of media for medical education, activities, and advertising. The curriculum comprised of several subjects, such as drawing, computer, video recoding, models, general knowledge, educational technology, communication, advertising, and medical science.

The curriculum integrates several filed of knowledge in order to provide the opportunities for students to learn, to practice, and to apply their knowledge in designing and producing high quality and stylish media for medical purposes. Not only the features of the media production, but they would be emphasized the importance of copyright and the right to produce the media also.

Learning in producing various types of media would help students to find their special skill that would be improved and developed later. Thus, they would be able to work in the field that both related and non-related to medicine such as educational technologies for many academic institutes, audiovisual specialist for hospitals, military, police department, as well as artist in advertising agencies and production houses. Graduates would also take the essential roles in producing high quality media for medical, scientific, educational, research, and other academic purposes. As the program emphasizes on the copyright issue, graduates would get the adequate knowledge in order to produce the media with copyright and this would set the new standard for media production in Thailand.