S6 : Learning technology in the 21st century
   Technological advancement has led to many applications in teaching and learning. In this session, speakers will recommend interesting technology that can help improve learning in medical schools.
Dr. Eric Gantwerker
Loyola University Medical Center

Pediatric ENT specializing in airway surgery and Vice President at Loyala University Medical Center, Medical Director of Level Ex. He was completed in Masterís in Medical Science in Medical Education with a focus on educational technology from Harvard Medical School As Medical Director of Level Ex (@LevelExTeam) provides clinical oversight for all its video games used by healthcare professionals.

Dr. Pongsagon Vichitvejpaisal
Thammasat University
Heís an instructor of the Division of Computer Science, Thammasat University and director of research at Nova Research Co., Ltd. He is expert in Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D Scan, UAV Scan, Motion Capture, 3D Real-time Interactive and Simulation.