P1 : WPBA and EPA: moving away from classroom assessment
   Workplace-based assessment (WPBA) and EPA (Entrustable Professional Activities) are increasingly used in medical schools in both undergraduate and postgraduate training. However, many teachers are still confused about the paradigm shift that has moved the focus of the assessment from a formal examination in the classroom or simulated settings to an authentic real-life practice. In this plenary session, leaders in WPBA and EPA have been invited to clarify the key concepts of this group of authentic assessment approach and how to make an entrustment decision.
Prof.Dr. Olle ten Cate
University Medical Center Utrecht

Have you heard of EPAs? Olle ten Cate, professor of medical education at the University Medical Center, Utrecht, Netherlands, will illustrate how “entrustable professional activities” can be applied to ensure educators have confidence in their students to perform professional duties unsupervised

Assoc. Prof. Fun-Gee Chen
National University of Singapore

Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, National University of Singapore (NUS) and completed his postgraduate training in Anesthesia in Singapore. He underwent subspecialty training in Critical Care Medicine at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney. With an interest in medical education, He underwent a 2-year Masters Health Professions Education course at Maastricht University Holland.