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Siriraj's department of Anesthesiology, founded in 1965, it is one of the oldest and most prestigious anesthesiology departments in Thailand. We have more than 70 board certified anesthesiologists whose expertise are in variety of medical areas. The department operates the surgical intensive care unit, provide service for acute and chronic pain patients and also deliver supurb anesthesia care for cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, general surgery, ambulatory surgery, cardiac catheterizations, etc.


For academic perspective, we offer an education for medical students, nurse anesthetist students, residents and fellows. We ranked highest for residency program this year with applicants more than twice of accepted positions. We also welcome an international individual who interested in anesthesiology training from Mongolia, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc by BARTC program.


The department continues to make progress in all aspects: service, education and research. We are working industriously in persuit of making Siriraj Hospital become one of the excellent medical centers, well known internationally.

Anesthesia for Twins seperation, Feb 2007
Intraoperative TEE during cardiac surgery

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