The Human Research Protection Unit operates with international standards

The main mission of SIRB is to facilitate and support research involving human subjects in the Faculty, so that the research are conducted according to ethical principles, upholding the dignity, right and safety of research participants. In addition, SIRB has a duty to educate Faculty’s personnel on research ethics and oversee research projects. The scope of research projects that need to be approved by SIRB is as follow:
1. Projects being funded by the Faculty
2. Projects conducted or co-conducted by Faculty’s personnel
3. Projects using non-public information and identifiable data that belong to the Faculty


To ensure dignity, rights, safety and well-being of human volunteers and research participants according to the ethical principles of human research, to enhance ethical and quality of biomedical research

Quality assurance

1. FERCAP/SIDCER recognition in 2009 and renew in 2016.
2. NECAST Award in 2016.
3. AAHRPP full accreditation in December 2014 and reaccreditation in December 2017.



Ethics Committee received awards .
1. Certificate “The Best Poster” for FERCAP Conference 2013
2. ThaiTECT’s Top EC/IRBaward 5 years since 2011 - 2017

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The Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital first established a committee for reviewing of research involving human subjects in 1984. The committee was called “Human Right Committee for Research in humans” and comprised 5-6 members. Subsequently, the component of the committee was changed to comply with the ICH-GCP and CIOMs Guidelines and the new committee was named “Ethics Committee for Research in Humans” in 2000. Because of the increasing number of projects submitted for approval, an additional committee was appointed making a total of 2 committees, which had the term according to the term of the dean. The committees were composed of a chairman, vice chairmen, secretaries, lawyers and lay persons.

The Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital issued Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that were presented by the chairman of the Ethics Committee for Research in Humans and the vice dean for research to the Faculty committee on October 11th, 2004. These were the first SOPs that were implemented by the Faculty.

The current Ethics Committee was appointed according to the latest SOPs (the 5th version implemented in October 2012). The committee has a 4-year term, concordant to the term of the dean. The chair person is appointed by the dean. In the selection of the committee members, consideration was made on credential, variety of expert fields, gender, and experience. The committees should comprise both male and female members, who are knowledgeable and experienced in various fields of medical science, social science, and relevant law. Furthermore, there must be members who are not employees of the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital or other faculties within Mahidol University in order to have opinions from lay persons.