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Siriraj's Acheivements at the "14th HA National Forum"

On 15 March 2013, Professor Duangmanee Laohaprasitiporn (Deputy Dean of Quality Development) presided over to the "HA lv 1, 2, Patient Safety Goals Award", and "Diabetes Patient Care Team Award" awarding ceremony held in the 14th HA National Forum (High Reliability Organization certified by the Healthcare Accreditation Institute) from 12 - 15 March 2013 at the Impact Forum, Muang Thongthani.  The purpose of this forum aims to establish a distinct direction in terms of human resource development, and acknowledge successful projects and personnel in this medical community. 

This year, the Healthcare Accreditation Institute invited hospitals/medical centers nationwide to submit their progress, in order to determine the "good/best practice" in various categories according to Siriraj's SIMPLE criteria.  There are 4 nominations as follow:






Recognition Award


Care giving for patients with severe sepsis/septic shock”

Professor Duangmanee Laohaprasitiporn

Deputy Dean of Quality Development

Honorable Mention Award


“Siriraj Surgical Safety Checklists: Optimal Caring”

Ms.Benjamas Preechakhun

Perioperative Nursing Division


“Siriraj Model: Prevention and Control of Muti-drug Resistant Bateria in Resource-Limited Setting”

Ms.Duangporn Jintanotaithavorn

Centre of Nosocomial Infection Control


Preventive nursing procedures to avoid pressure sore

Ms.Juthaporn Prasungsit

Wound and Ostomy

 SIMPLE, in this term, regards the key guidelines in Patient Safety Goals set by the Healthcare Accredation Institute for all hospitals and medical centers in Thailand.  The guideline features the following amendments:

                S = Safe Surgery (2nd Global Patient Safety Challenge)

                 I = Infection Control (Clean Care in 1st Patient Safety Challenge)

                M = Medication & Blood Safety

                P = Patient Care Process

                L = Line, Tube, Catheter

                E = Emergency Response

The Judging criteria consist of the following conditions:

Point 1 : Proceeds in accordance with the SIMPLE criteria.

Point 2: Written in accordance with the required format.

Point 3: Present observable outcomes of SIMPLE implementation.

Point 4: Presents a consistent line of improvements from SIMPLE implementation.

Point 5: Presents prospects for further improvements on the foundation of SIMPLE implementation.

update : 15/11/2013
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